The “Georgios Jakobides” Digital Museum is a simulation of a real museum, with myriads of other functions and possibilities. There may not be any actual works, but the Museum aspires to become a magnet for visitors to the island, and the locals, especially its younger residents. A place where technology and art unite to introduce visitors of all ages to the life and work of Georgios Jakobides, man and creator. During their visit to the Museum, and by participating in the various activities offered, visitors can enjoy a vast assortment of electronic systems used for digital projection and interaction, such as TFT screens, touch screens, bilingual backlit transparencies (duratrans), and projection screens. A simple museum visit is transformed into an entertaining and informative visual experience, with precise and versatile techniques and the use of state-of-the-art digital applications.

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The Georgios Jakobides Digital Museum
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