The “NIKOLAOS G. PAPADIMITRIOU Educational and Cultural Foundation\\\" has succeeded, together with its partners, in putting together – with much enthusiasm, imagination and ingenuity – an avant-garde Digital Art Museum dedicated to the Greek painter, Georgios Jakobides, and his birthplace, the village of Chydira on the island of Lesvos.

The following people contributed to the completion of the Digital Museum:

Concept & Creation of Museum

“NIKOLAOS G. PAPADIMITRIOU Educational and Cultural Foundation\\\"


Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou

Caption and Text Editor

Marina Papasotiriou

Architectural and Museological Design

Sonia Charalampidou-Divani, Architect and Professor at the National Technical University of Athens

RCL Architects and Partners – Michel Rossier, Eirini Charalampidou, Kristian Laskaridis

Project Coordinator

Giorgos Liontos

Construction Supervisor

Aris Sakellariadis, Civil Engineer

Building Design

Ermolaos Zamtrakis, Civil Engineer

Building Construction

Dimitris Pipinis, Civil Engineer

Business and IT Consultants

Advanced Services Group Ltd

Digital Design – Multimedia Applications

PostScriptum, information architecture

Equipment and eNetwork Installation

Systema Technologies SA

Educational Material

Dimitris Mitsopoulos

Digital Printing

Viktoria Bezerianou

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