The “G. Jakobides” Digital Museum was envisioned as a source of knowledge that reinforces education in a sustainable manner, so that visiting the Museum becomes an enthralling and positive experience. A large number of students visit the Museum every year and participate in the educational programmes offered.


The educational programmes of the Museum were planned by people who took into account both the needs and the idiosyncrasies of students in primary and secondary school. The ultimate goal of this effort is to promote the diachronic value of Jakobides’ art for learners, inciting students to study the works of the artist from a different perspective.

The aim of the educational activities is to familiarise students with art by means of a digital journey through the life and works of the artist. Basic concepts are presented and analysed in detail with the help of digital applications. Thanks to the thematic units and the use of technology, the works come to life; they can be analysed and better appreciated. The identification of key elements in a work of art, the combination of texts, captions and graphics, the dialogue, and the encouragement of observation all emphasise the educational dimension of the Museum. The educational programmes include a visual lab for primary school students and pre-schoolers, whilst secondary school students have a chance to watch informative videos in a specially-designed hall.

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